Padel, a fast-growing sport, has become increasingly popular in Europe, attracting the interest of sports fans and avid players alike. In this article, we invite you to explore the history of padel, stepping back in time to discover its fascinating origins and the key moments that shaped its development as a sport. Whether you’re a die-hard padel fan or simply curious about its past, this journey through history will provide you with valuable information and an in-depth understanding of the evolution of this dynamic sport.

Padel’s humble beginnings:

Padel’s roots go back to the 1960s, when Mexican Enrique Corcuera created the sport as a more accessible version of tennis. Inspired by various disciplines, he imagined a game played on a smaller pitch, surrounded by walls, offering players a unique experience. This innovative approach quickly gained popularity in Spain and Latin America, paving the way for global expansion.

The international rise of padel :

During the 1970s, padel grew exponentially in Spain, becoming a major sport in the country. Tournaments have multiplied and the International Padel Federation (FIP) has been created to promote and regulate the sport worldwide. Thanks to these initiatives, padel has conquered Europe, Asia and other regions, attracting a growing number of enthusiastic players.

Padel rules and equipment :

The rules of padel have undergone adjustments over time to ensure dynamic, balanced exchanges. The dimensions of the court, the rules for bouncing off the walls and the serving techniques have been adapted to meet the needs of the players. To find out more about the rules, we’ve written an article here. What’s more, equipment such as rackets and balls have undergone significant improvements to optimize player performance and deliver an optimal playing experience. Our snowshoes are all handmade in Spain.

The emblematic figures of padel :

Padel has been marked by iconic players and personalities who have contributed to its development and popularity. Names such as Fernando Belasteguín, record holder for the most weeks as world number one, and Manolo Santana, promoter of the sport in Spain, have played a key role in the media coverage and recognition of padel on a global scale.

The bright future of padel :

Padel continues to gain in popularity and notoriety, with more and more players discovering this unique sport. Padel clubs are multiplying, competitions are developing and the media are paying increasing attention to this sporting phenomenon. In addition, the introduction of padel at the Olympic Games is under discussion, which could propel the sport to new heights. Padel’s future looks bright, with remarkable potential for expansion and development.


In conclusion, the history of padel is rich in events and outstanding figures. From its humble beginnings to its international expansion, padel has captured the hearts of sports fans thanks to its unique characteristics and accessibility. Today, padel continues to grow, attracting more and more players and gaining recognition around the world. Its promising future is supported by iconic figures, evolving rules and equipment, and a passionate community. Whether you’re already a padel fan or you’d like to find out more about this exciting sport, padel invites you to experience moments of pleasure and competition in a friendly atmosphere. Get ready to discover padel from a new angle and immerse yourself in a captivating story that continues to unfold.