Who are we?

We are two young entrepreneurs from Switzerland who have launched the first Swiss brand of paddle rackets and accessories, with Timea Bacsinszky, former tennis player and Rio silver medallist, as ambassador.

As in other countries around the world, padel continues to grow in Switzerland, and more and more people are taking up this particularly sociable and fun sport. Although the gaming infrastructure is still lacking to support growth, it’s clear that the craze is real.

The market potential and growing appeal of this activity convinced us to launch the first Swiss brand of paddle rackets and accessories. The result is VORTEX PADEL SA, based in Crissier, Switzerland.

For the past few months, we’ve been marketing four models of padel rackets made entirely from carbon, as well as a range of complementary accessories. Depending on their choice of materials, specific features and characteristics, the models in this first range will satisfy a wide variety of players, from beginners with the “Soft” model to the most experienced with the “Pro” version.

Right from the product design phase, we sought the services of the best specialists. While the design of the brand and the snowshoes was carried out in Switzerland, it was only natural that we should turn to Spain, whose manufacturing skills are widely recognized in the market.

This choice of proximity, within the European community, has also enabled us to have better control over the development process and the various production phases of the snowshoes, which are made entirely by hand.

"Vortex Padel aims to become a key player in the development of Padel in Switzerland. "

Corentin and Jonathan


By listening to our customers, we aim to stay close to them to meet their needs as effectively as possible.


Two young entrepreneurs with a passion for the sport, working day in, day out to develop Vortex Padel.


The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are at the heart of our concerns. We make a point of offering a premium product.


We are constantly seeking to innovate and improve in order to offer our players the best possible padel experience.